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We have transformational programs on the horizon and we want you to join us! To join the waitlist, click below.

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Activate hope. Stir up joy. Consciously connect.

What is Connection Project 360 About?

Connection Project 360 is on a mission to connect women to their joy, strength, and abundance so they can show up in authentic and meaningful ways for themselves, their community, and the world. We believe as each woman levels up her own life, so does she level up the lives of those around her. The foundation to this better life lies in these three pillars:

  1. Living Intentions List: Get clear on what you want your best life to look like and use your List as the roadmap to get there.
  2. Conscious Connections Circles: Learn the balance of giving and receiving unwavering support through joining one or more Circles.
  3. Curiosity: Be willing to ask what else is possible and be ready to hear the answers.

New Programs Coming Soon.

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Three new programs will be launched soon. Get on the waitlist to be notified when any or all of these programs become available.

Connection Accelerator Support Group

Focus on 1-3 of your Living Intentions with a small group of support buddies and watch your momentum soar toward something you’ve always wanted!

Living Intentions List Builder Course

Turn your bucket list into a Living Intention List as we guide you through the process of expanding your desires into Intentions! Create the roadmap for life to help guide your way.

Join a Conscious Connections Circle

Have support buddies for life with a Conscious Connection Circle! Be seen. Be heard. Be yourself. Join a long-term Circle and experience life through a whole new lens!

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